On the trail. Central Cascades, Crescent Lake, Oregon. 2016

comfortably uncomfortable was created by Elevated Fitness owner, Amy Ward (me). 


Although Elevated Fitness had a blog for years, I discovered that my subject matter was limited to the health and fitness realm. My writing came off a bit cold and "professional"; in retrospect, it was not as accessible as I wanted.

In 2016, I decided to create comfortablyuncomfortable.life. The name is not only one of my favorite phrases I use with clients, but a direct reflection of the growing pains I experience as a wife, mother, and business owner. Nothing worthwhile is ever been painless; resolving to write more openly and personally is certainly a challenge for me.

My intention is to highlight the countless directions that we are pulled, and how life unfolds when we find a comfortably uncomfortable balance. We achieve more when we branch out of our comfort zones...athletically, in education, spiritually, in relationships. It is my goal to support clients, friends, family, and strangers as they attempt to find growth and balance.

As a first-time parent in a new town, trying to regain fitness, I discovered a whole list of challenges and subjects I wanted to write about, and I know I'm not alone. comfortably uncomfortable will not be limited by me or my experiences. I am actively looking for contributors to tell their stories. How do you find balance in your own life? 

Join our growing list of contributors who offer insight and humor into real life and what gets real results.