Amy Ward

Amy is a mom, military spouse, and owner of Elevated Fitness. She developed the comfortably uncomfortable blog as a creative and therapeutic outlet to her transition as a stay-at-home mom. She enjoys sharing her attempts (and failures) at finding balance between health, love, work, food, and fitness.

Amy has met so many intelligent, inspiring, and athletic friends over the years, and hopes to add many of them as contributors to the blog. If you have a unique story or perspective that you'd like to share, tell Amy about it here.


Meryl Binder

Meryl and Amy met in Clovis, New Mexico, in 2012. She is a fellow military spouse and joined the Elevated Fitness team in 2013. She took over on-site personal training and High Plains Boot Camp with EF when Amy moved away in 2014. Meryl is a total sweetheart and her thoughtfulness for others is evident in all she does. In 2018, Meryl and her husband moved to Hungary.

Meryl has two giant fur babies, Moose and Luke, and she loves to travel and explore (when she can get a break from Elevated Fitness!). She enjoys sharing her life and fitness hacks here on the comfortably uncomfortable blog, and after moving overseas, she formed her own fitness biz, Wicked Iron Strength & Conditioning. Follow her @wickedironstrength


Leslie Jones

Leslie and Amy met when their husbands began working together, back in 2009. A fellow military spouse, Leslie is also an extremely talented and qualified Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). Having worked in a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings, Leslie's calm and soothing demeanor makes her clients and friends feel at ease. She is an amazing mother to two energetic toddlers and one infant (pictured here before his birthday), loves to hike with her family, and currently resides in Indiana.

Leslie is excited to help others work past barriers to success in health, fitness, and everyday life. If you would like to explore counseling from the privacy of your own home, you can hire Leslie directly through PrestoExperts. Sessions via web chat or phone are available.


Brittany Fulton

Although she hails from San Antonio, Brittany and Amy met at the base gym in Clovis, NM. She was a regular in one of Amy's Spin classes and their shared sense of humor brought about a quick friendship. She is a former hospice nurse and current military spouse looking forward to her family's upcoming PCS to California. Beloved pets Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, and Oranges will be in tow.

She loves relaxing days on the beach, organic gardening, cruising to the Carribean, and adopting animals, but her first love is the kitchen. Cooking is how she express love, and she's currently enjoying learning a new Plant-Based style of cooking! 

Brittany dabbles in everything from learning to code to modeling. In her words, "You won't find me on a long run EVER, but if you look hard enough I can be found in the weight room doing nothing, and on a yoga mat crying because I don't want to be at the gym. I'll probably also have snacks, so come say hi!" 

"We're all just enjoying life as it comes, are thankful for all the incredible people we've met along the way, and can't wait for the next adventure!"