Happy Surprises

… It’s a great feeling, and despite my awkwardness, I found myself smiling.

Totally alone, smiling.

When I realized I had a full-on, ear to ear smile, I found a good place to stop and take a look around. Visibility wasn’t great, but I wanted to take it all in. Although it would have been wonderful to share this experience, this happiness, with my husband, or a friend, I wanted to appreciate the fact that I was able to have joy totally solo. 

Making More Memories

Two years ago, I wrote the very first post for the Comfortably Uncomfortable blog. It is by far the piece I am most proud of. It was about my eldest sister, Lyn.

Last year, at the same time, I tried to match the feeling I had when writing and publishing that first post. I failed. I started, stopped, scratched, and restarted at least seven times. Eventually, my pride got the best of me and I gave up. I was grinding for nearly a month on one single blog post.

It took so very long because my goal was to publish a re-cap of the previous year; a recap of the amazing job I had done of “living life to its fullest” by spending time with loved ones, going on fantastic trips, and scrubbing my life of BS. 

Yeah. That didn’t happen.

The Hormone Thunderdome

Its been six months since I began this journey, and I would like to say to you that I've been rocking it out, eating nothing but peas, brown rice, and nutritional yeast.

I would love to tell you I'm hammering out crow poses and meditating for an hour every day surrounded by Himalayan salt lamps and singing bowls, but that's not the case.

For now I've found my balance.

Keep Your Core in Your Pants

#1: People who need help don't know help exists. 

#2: Once people find out about said help, they are not aware of what types of therapy may be involved. AND

#3: When they DO find out about the possibility of having a finger in their orifice(s), they decide they no longer need help.

Plan Around the Doubt

After the mics were replaced and my endorphins wore off, I started to doubt my performance on the podcast. I didn’t reference my notes often enough. Some of my comments were incomplete. I didn’t give Lindsey what she was asking for. I could have done a better job elaborating on some very important points. I should have done a better job promoting my social media and blog, not just my business, which is, by the way, in a holding pattern of sorts. Not the best set up.

Doubt. Doubt. Doubt. 

Just Shoot Me

I am not scared of the competition itself, or of being tired, or sore, or of the training and effort leading up to the event. I am scared others will know I have been a trainer for 13 years and weigh that experience against my current lack of strength and/or endurance. It’s stupid.

Day of Pampering?

Normally, I would not consider ripping the hair from the deepest recesses of my lady bits to be "a day of pampering", but the aestheticians at my waxing parlor insist upon it.

So what do I do to pamper myself? Pampering sort of suggests spending money extravagantly on oneself. Here are a few poor examples:

Time to Hang Up Your Shorts

This morning, as I was getting dressed in my typical workout garb, I heard a not-so-friendly noise as I pulled my shorts over my hips.

It was the wretched tear of an old, dried-out elastic waistband stretching for the last time. 

I'm not sure why it made me so sad; I have about 5 pair of these shorts in varying colors. Hey, when something fits and doesn't chafe, ride-up, or bunch, why not?


I became a parent twice in the span of 19 months to two vivacious little girls.  In that time, I systematically had to let go of the perfectionism (thanks, breastfeeding, for knocking me down a few pegs), cope with the drain on my energy level from constantly reminding a smaller version of myself how to use a toilet, and get over myself when it came time to accept help.  

OOOH! Coffee!

You would have thought I had told him I was going to a concert or water park or a hot new restaurant instead of a local coffee shop with our son.

Truth be told, he has every right to be happy about me getting out of the house, and I do, too.

Changing Lanes

In one short year of motherhood, I feel like my fitness pedestal has been kicked out from under me.

I'm sure all the moms I trained in the past are saying, "Finally! See! It's not so easy! Ha ha!"

2016 Gift Guide

If you're like us, you probably are just now considering what gifts to purchase for your loved ones. Meryl and I took the time to jot down a few of our must-haves. You're sure to find something for even the most discerning of tastes...and probably something for yourself, too! 

Monster Ride 2016

The sun gets to sleep in these days, but not you! Hop on the trainer, crank these tunes and crush your climbs with this year's Halloween ride. No Monster Mash included, I promise.