Same You...But Better

Same You...But Better

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As the New Year approaches I want to take some time to discuss Resolutions. At the end of each year a lot of people take the time to reflect on what they didn’t like and how (or what) they would like to change for the next year that is soon to come. Many resolutions come from negatives in one’s life, and are far too general, - I want to lose weight or I want to eat healthier.

There are some obvious issues here.

Stop focusing on the negatives of the year (or anything, actually!). Think of a positive that you can attach to that negative. Negatives are contrary; positives are constructive.

For example:

RESULTS OF PREVIOUS RESOLUTION: I wanted to lose weight this year, but, the scale still says the same number.

POSITIVE SPIN: I’ve joined a class and have really gotten into lifting. Also, a shirt that used to be tight on me now fits perfectly.

Weight loss may not have happened, but FAT LOSS may have. Also, you’ve kick started a healthier way of life by getting into an exercise routine.

NEW RESOLUTION: I’m going to continue to improve my body composition.

HINT: Take progress pictures and/or measurements to help with this goal. The scale will not always reflect your progress and can tend to throw people off because of this.


PREVIOUS RESOLUTION: I want to eat healthier.

Let me ask you this……what is “healthier”? Do you really understand basic nutrition or are you just reading tips from a magazine or website on clean eating? Do you know what foods are good sources of protein, carbohydrates, fats? Do you know what your body needs in order to perform properly?

NEW RESOLUTION: I’m going to learn basic nutrition and how to fuel my body properly and/or I’m going to learn how to cook.

HINT: this will make a HUGE difference in your life. If you don’t know how to cook, then learn how! It’s fun and makes understanding food that much easier.


If you feel like you mess up (and you will) don’t continue to slip or give up on yourself.

Some other helpful tips:

  • Stop setting yourself up for failure.
  • Start setting realistic and attainable goals.
  • Give yourself both long and short term goals.
  • Challenge yourself and work on the things that help you get to where you want little by little.
  • If you feel like you mess up (and you will) don’t continue to slip or give up on yourself. Continue the rest of the day or the next day as if it didn’t happen- don’t put yourself down and get back on track.
  • If you get frustrated or feel defeated, reflect on how far you’ve come.
You can’t be all bad, so, don’t leave it all in the previous year.

*Side note: this whole “New Year, New You” thing…not a fan. I like to think “New Year, Better You”. You can’t be all bad, so, don’t leave it all in the previous year. I also like to think that our bad experiences help shape us into the people we are- use them to drive you into that improved version of yourself.



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