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Time to Hang Up Your Shorts

This morning, as I was getting dressed in my typical workout garb, I heard a not-so-friendly noise as I pulled my shorts over my hips.

It was the wretched tear of an old, dried-out elastic waistband stretching for the last time. 

I'm not sure why it made me so sad; I have about 5 pair of these shorts in varying colors. Hey, when something fits and doesn't chafe, ride-up, or bunch, why not?


I became a parent twice in the span of 19 months to two vivacious little girls.  In that time, I systematically had to let go of the perfectionism (thanks, breastfeeding, for knocking me down a few pegs), cope with the drain on my energy level from constantly reminding a smaller version of myself how to use a toilet, and get over myself when it came time to accept help.  

Changing Lanes

In one short year of motherhood, I feel like my fitness pedestal has been kicked out from under me.

I'm sure all the moms I trained in the past are saying, "Finally! See! It's not so easy! Ha ha!"